LitList FAQs

Q: Just tell me, where do I even start?

A: There’s a lot of things you can do on LitList, but we suggest to start by searching for your friends, family, and tastemakers. If you can’t find anyone worth following, try inviting your friends to join LitList by sharing the mobile app or clicking “Invite” at the top of our website.

Q: What’s up with these flames and stars?

A: Tap them! Flames allow you to quickly recommend a place. If you’re seeing just the outline of the flame you haven’t yet reco’d that place. If it’s filled in, you’ve already told your followers that place is lit!

Stars are like bookmarks. If you see a list that looks interesting, starring it will follow that list, saving it for you to access later from your lists tab and keeping you updated on any changes to that list.

Q: Where are all these famous chefs and food bloggers you keep talking about?

A: As with any product that just starts, we have to be patient. But we believe they’ll be on the platform soon. You can help us get there by sharing LitList with any of the tastemakers you love.

Q: I’m taking a trip to Paris, where’s the French LitList?

A: If your friends have wanderlust like ours do, we agree that this would be a great resource for your international travels. And we hope to be outside of the US one day. But, one step at a time.

Q: What if I can’t find the place I want to reco?

A: Unfortunately that will happen from time to time as we grow our database of places across the country. But don’t worry, if you can’t find what you’re looking for all you have to do is send us a note at feedback@litlist.ioand our team will promptly add it for you.

Q: I accidentally reco’d a place that I didn’t mean to. Now what?

A: Pat yourself on the back for helping out a local business first. In the future we’ll allow you to remove and edit your recos but we do not currently support that feature.

Q: Sometimes my thumbs get in the way, why can’t I fix my typos?

A: You will be able to soon. Our team is working to make sure you have complete control over anything you put on our platform because we know any good writer goes through many iterations before it’s final. But for now, please just double check your work before you post or let us know if you want to delete a post by messaging us at

Q: Why can’t I upload multiple photos? It’s really inconvenient.

A: We know, but we’re happy you’re uploading photos in the first place! Hang in there, our team is working to make the camera better to support photo filters and uploading multiple images at once.

Q: I know stuff. So, when are you going to feature my list?

A: We would love to! Send us a note at about a list you’ve built and we’ll take a look and see if it’s something we think other users could benefit from outside of your followers.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

That’s ok, that just means you found something we’re not aware of yet. Bravo! Please feel free to email us any of your additional questions at and a team member will get back to you within 48 hours.